Services We Provide
Growing a business puts extraordinary demands on
the time, the treasure and the will of its people.  
Sustainability is not ‘nesting’ on a performance
plateau. The competitive landscape is continually
shifting.  Without forward-looking leadership and
processes to get it done, paralysis and stagnation
are inevitable outcomes which in hindsight are
always seen as the pavers along the pathway to

Organizational engagement is the ONLY relevant
leadership metric,
the single metric by which
leadership is ultimately judged and held
accountable.  Financial performance, market share,
customer satisfaction are owned by the
organization – not its leadership.

Oak Leaf Consulting operates through retained
engagements.  Our experience is that one-off,
project type consulting does not produce step
change gains; is more expensive both in direct and
indirect costs; and does not provide continuity for
continual improvement and sustained bottom-line
Oak Leaf Consulting, LLC